Signs of gum disease

Gum disease is the stuff of legends, it is one of those things that you hear often but never think about getting yourself. An advanced condition of gum disease known as periodontitis affects up to 15% of adults in the UK and is a much more common problem than you may think, therefore it is important to prevent this from occurring.


What is gum disease

Gum disease is a condition where plaque irritates the gums and they become inflamed or infected. This may also cause gums to bleed when you brush your teeth and can also contribute to having bad breath, and this is known as gingivitis when this occurs. It is so important to keeps your gums healthy because of this and most people generally think only of their teeth.

Other issues

As stated before gum disease can escalate into gingivitis if not treated as soon as possible. Furthermore if this is not treated it can turn in a condition called periodontitis and this is when the issue becomes extremely serious. This condition can affect the tissues that support the teeth and if untreated it can cause decay in the bones in your jaw and eventually cause loss of teeth.

How to prevent it?
Preventing gum disease can be simple if you follow a few simple oral hygiene principles. The most obvious of these are brushing your teeth regularly and flossing, and by doing this is will reduce the presence of plaque and tartar in your teeth and gums. Flossing is particularly important in preventing gum disease because it is often bacteria and food trapped between teeth that causes gum disease.

There are other solutions such as having your teeth professionally cleaned by your hygienist, and this should be done at least once a year. If you need more tips or information relating to gum disease then speak to your dentist in Basingstoke.

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