Fun Ways To Package Food Gifts

Culinary treats are truly terrific, creative and thoughtful presents for housewarming parties, birthdays, baby showers and holiday giving. Whether you are giving away a creamy and nectarous confectionery or healthy salad dish, a tasty food present is an amazing gift option that will surely delight any recipient.  Not only it will please the recipient’s taste buds and gastronomic urges, but it also can make him or her feel special. What’s more, food presents, especially the homemade ones, are way cheaper than other gift options.

Presentation, however, matters, when it comes to food gifts. A decorative and creative packaging shows that you have put on extra effort on your gift, which will validate it as a legitimate present.  In addition, it will make the food look both sanitary and festive, especially when the package provides a hint at the delectable gift inside.

Looking for a fun way to package your food gifts? Then, check out these tips:

Print a message on them

Printing a message on the food’s packaging adds a personal touch to your present. As you print meaningful messages to its packaging, you get to express your thoughts and feelings towards the recipient in a very creative way. Plus, it is one great way to show more care and affection to the recipient.


Baskets have always been a favorite packaging option, as far as food gifts. As packaging, baskets are not just economical, but are totally recyclable as well, making it an ideal option for those who are committed to preserving the environment. More importantly, baskets can make your culinary mouthful goodies look more clean, tempting and mouthwatering. Trust me, recipients will be amused, when they see food stored beautifully in a basket.

Decorative boxes

Pay a visit to your garage or attic, and look for unused wooden crates or cardboards. If you don’t have items lying around your home, head off to the nearest store, and buy one. After you have secured a cardboard or wooden crate, decorate it by painting a picture or design on the sides and top. With a pencil in hand, draw your design lightly, and then add colors to it by painting it with acrylics.

Another great option for this gift packaging is to decorate the lid of your gift boxes by adding items like a miniature doll house, mosaic pieces, yarn, beads, and glitter. Likewise, you may fabricate your own items, cutouts or artistic creations to glue onto its lid.

Tags and ribbons

Whether you are using a box, jar or basket as packaging, make sure to tie tags and ribbons on it. Any wrapped gift will look better and more enticing with special embellishments, homemade tag, and decorative ribbon tied all around it. To add more personal touch to it, adorn the gift package with small attachments like a cheese grater, Christmas ornament, novelty whisk, small cookie cutter, or a miniature measuring spoon.

A creative chic bag

Transform an ordinary, white and plain bag into a psychedelic gift package with a variety of colorful bows. To make it more interesting, add in extra items, such as gleaming pipe cleaners, candy canes and tiny kitchen tools. Before you place the culinary treat in the packaging bag, draw a picture or design using colored pencils or markers on the bag’s exterior. Also, you may uses pens to write funny phrases or words in a gaudy script.