Fighting Bad Breath

Bad breath for some can be an extremely embarrassing thing to have and it also has an effect on those around you and what they think of you. Here are some tips to keep bad breath at bay.


Brushing and Flossing

The most obvious steps taken to prevent bad breath are brushing and flossing. Brushing reduces the amount of plaque, loose food and bacteria that are in the mouth and therefore reduces the risk of bad breath. Flossing on the other hand removes the plaque and food trapped in between your teeth.


Using a mouthwash that helps to kill the bacteria in the mouth is a great way to stop bad breath, it also rinses loose food particles away that begin to rot and cause bad breath. Saliva production is a natural way that bad breath is prevented and for some people this is an issue, particularly if they suffer from dry mouth and is a common side effect of taking medication.

Drink water

Water is crucial in preventing bad breath, the reason for this is that it cleanses the mouth from bacteria and the remaining food that can get stuck between teeth and other areas of the mouth. Also the water slows the rate that new bacteria grow in the mouth and thus improve your breath.

Invest in a tongue scraper

Another great way to reduce or prevent bad breath is to use a tongue scraper. This is not an extremely well known device, but it is certainly very effective, it is used to scrape and remove the buildup of bacteria on the tongue. When removed this bacteria will look similar to plaque and will improve your breath immediately.

If you need more advice about ways to reduce or avoid bad breath then speak to your Sheffield Dentist.


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