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Not looking after your oral health, as everybody knows, can lead to all kinds of complications in the future such as plaque and tartar build up, cavities and tooth decay, and at worst, gum disease. Gum disease, rarely noticed by many people comes in the form of the milder Gingivitis – a reddening and swelling of the gums, and often a bleeding of the gums – can be easily treated by your dentist. A much more serious form of gum disease is Periodontitis. This much more serious form of gum disease, if not treated by a dentist can often lead to the loosening and eventually the loss of teeth.

As well as general dental care and oral hygiene, many people are also now seeking specialist orthodontic and cosmetic treatments. By far the most popular treatments is tooth whitening which is a simple process where the dentist simply uses either carbamide or hydrogen peroxide solution to lighten your tooth colour. Clinically proven to be completely safe, tooth whitening can give you a confidence boosting smile makeover.

Another popular form of cosmetic dentistry is the use of implants to improve the look of your teeth. Made from Titanium, implants are permanent and are often used to secure bridges and crowns and are also used when replacing missing teeth. They are highly durable and have been shown to improve peoples speech as well as their sense of taste, and of course confidence.

New technologies are also advancing dentistry. Now, near invisible braces offer people a much less invasive option to teeth straightening than the old conventional, and highly visible steel braces. Taking less time to be effective, these types of braces are proving to be an ever more popular option for many people.

Some dentists, such as Boyne Dental & Implant Clinic in Navan, Ireland, are now offering facial aesthetic treatments. Providing a very discreet service and all procedures carried out by a fully qualified professional, treatments include anti-wrinkle, or Botox, treatment to remove those unwanted wrinkles and also dermal filling which improves the definition of your face. If you are unsure or require any advice or reassurance, then Boyne Dental staff are on hand to give you any advice you might require.

For any of the above facial aesthetic treatments or any general and specialised cosmetic services mentioned above and you require an all-round Navan Dentist, then feel free to contact Boyne Dental & Implant Clinic at the address below.

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