How to Choose the Perfect Mobile Game

Many of you probably think “Captain Obvious” at this moment. “What do you mean <>? I can simply choose a game I like, install it on my smartphone and play whenever I want to” is what many of you might say. But there are some aspects you should consider before doing so – for practical reasons.

1. Battery life

Most of today’s smartphones – especially the ones with large screens – have relatively small batteries. With all the advancements of technology and software tweaks to reduce power consumption, the average battery life of today’s leading smartphones is just a bit over 8 hours.

And the battery life of your phone can easily be reduced to even less if you play feature rich, graphically appealing mobile games. The more the game uses the phone’s CPU, modem and storage, the faster it consumes your batteries. Simpler games, like Flappy Bird or All Slots table games, are far less harsh on your hardware, leaving you with more juice in the batteries in the long run.

2. Keep them casual

When playing on the go, you should choose games that don’t require too much dedication. There’s nothing more annoying than having to stop at the middle of a level when you need to get off the train, for example. The table games at the All Slots might be a great choice. Most of them are fast paced, with a round only lasting a few seconds, so you can start to play quickly and stop whenever you need to, without remorse.

The All Slots will even offer you benefits you didn’t expect – provided you are willing to play for real money. It will match your first several deposits in various proportions. It will also give you access to some amazing special offers, plus a game collection of almost 100 titles to play on the go. And best of all – the cash you win at the All Slots is real, you can withdraw it to your bank account and spend it at your discretion.

3. Don’t overplay!

It’s happened to me, it could happen to you! I have become addicted to a casual mobile game, one that’s similar to Candy Crush but is much healthier (I’ll leave it to you to discover which one it was). I’ve spent most of my free time in the evening playing that damn game, and dedicated much less time to my family than they would deserve. I’ve waster a lot of time on a useless game, time that I could have spent with my loved ones. And now I regret it.