Costa Rica is a Wellness Vacation Paradise

Costa Rica is renowned for its eco tourism and for good reason. It has abundant rainforests and a diverse array of wildlife, as well as beaches and beautiful rivers. The reason it is so well known is due to the large variety of activities that you can do there, there is actually something for everyone. In this article we will look at everything Costa Rica has to offer.

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Eco Tourism

One of the main attractions to Costa Rica is Arenal, one of seven active volcanoes in the country. Arenal is popular with hikers, as it is not a difficult trek and gives a stunning view of the surrounding rainforest during the ascent. There is also a variety of wildlife to see on the trek as well and these include iguanas, monkeys and many types of tropical birds.

Another attraction to suit the avid eco tourist are the Tabacon Hot Springs that are also located in the Arenal National Park. There are a number of thermal pools, springs and waterfalls and these form something of a miniature village. The minerals from the volcano heated water are great for the skin and there also various types of spa treatments available, such as coffee bean scrubs and volcanic mud wraps.


One thing about Costa Rica is that just because it is a great eco tourist destination, it doesn’t mean that it is not a suitable place for families, it has everything that a family could need for a great holiday. Having your own private vacation rental is one thing that would work well with a family holiday, particularly because it gives you the space to unwind and spend time with your family, not everybody else’s families like you would in a traditional resort. These holiday rentals also generally have everything your family could possibly need, the higher prices ones may even come with a chef, so you can experience the local produce and cuisine in the comfort of your villa.

There are so many things to do for families, such as the beach, hiking, snorkeling, surfing (we will get to that in a moment), fishing and countless others. Whatever your family decides to do I have no doubt it will be memorable.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of beaches in a country like Costa Rica is surfing, however there are many other things to do at the beach such as relaxing, snorkeling and swimming. There is a beach to suit everyone and Playa Avellanas is a true surfer’s paradise, with waves reaching up to 20 ft, but don’t be fooled into thinking that this beach is only for surfers, it is a great place to relax and get a drink by the beach bar. Playa Conchal is another beautiful beach with turquoise waters that is perfect for snorkelling and relaxing. These are just two beaches, don’t forget that there are many more!