How much do celebrities really earn?

It seems that each time I turn on the television these days I find another reality tv show. The most popular of the reality programmes have celebrities in them; Strictly come dancing and Get me out of here are two of the biggest that come to mind.

I cam across a great article the other day which showed just how much the celebrities earn, click here to see it. I shared the awesome infographic below. You can see that some of the celebrities earn a huge amount of money whilst having a lot of fun. I think we could rename Stephanie Constantine Cash Lady after she earned 200,000 pounds for her appearance in I’m a celebrity get me out of here….

Not only do the celebrities have the opportunity to earn vast sums of money but they also raise their profile. The public always tend to fall in love with one or two of the contestants, and unfortunately there’s always one that seems to fall out of favour!

Take a look at this infographic from Cash Lady, I’m sure you’ll be blown away by how much some have earned and also by how little others were given.