What You should Really Expect from Hotel Staff: An Important Guide  

We all have particular preferences as hotel guests, and we all have different ideas on what makes for a comfortable, luxurious stay. But whether you are a frequent traveller or would simply like to get the service you expect from a good hotel, remember this: it’s not just about the rooms, amenities, dining and entertainment options, extras such as golf courses and heated swimming pools, and the like that distinguishes a good hotel from the rest. It’s also about the staff. How the staff treats you and how they behave can give you the best hotel experience ever. Here’s what you should really expect from hotel staff: an important guide.

A friendly service

When it comes to a good hotel, you should expect a good service. Even if the hotel may come equipped with all the facilities and amenities you have ever dreamed of, if you are faced with a haughty, snooty, and cold staff, then you might as well stay elsewhere. The staff should make you feel welcome as soon as you walk through that door – whether it’s your first time in that hotel or you’re a frequent guest.

Service with a smile

It also goes without saying that a good hotel should have staff that are always ready to smile. If possible, the hotel’s staff should also greet you by your name, especially if you’ve stayed in their hotel before.

Check in and checkout is a breeze

Not only should the hotel give you an easy reservation process – the hotel should also make sure that their check in and check out processes are easy, fast, and convenient. Front office staff should be discreet and should try to avoid disagreements or altercations with you, especially when it comes to bill discrepancies or issues.

Housekeeping discretion

The housekeeping staff plays a big role in your comfort as well. Housekeeping should practice thoroughness and quietness at all times, and should be reliable and dependable. Whenever housekeeping staff tidy up your room, they should never remove any of your things or possessions, even if they include an empty shopping bag, a half-drunk (or even empty) water bottle, shower caps, or other items. If you’re looking for great housekeeping service, a nightly turn-down service is a must.

Efficient maintenance services

If there is an issue with your room, such as an inefficient heating or air conditioning system, maintenance staff should be able to visit your room and attend to your request within a few minutes.

Additionally, if you are staying at a hotel near a golf club or with golf amenities, such as the Oxfordshire golf club at Heythrop Park, groundskeepers or outdoor staff should make sure not to interfere with your enjoyment – they should also be discreet in their work and give you as much space as possible.


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