Best Way to Clean Your Kitchen Appliances

Let’s face it: you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but cleaning all of those appliances is definitely not your ideal way to spend a Saturday. Yet with all the meals you prepare here, it’s necessary to make sure this space is kept sanitary and clean. But cleaning your kitchen appliances doesn’t have to be a big pain. In fact, you can get it done easily and enjoy using your kitchen more, knowing everything is good to go! Check out our tips for cleaning these various appliances in your kitchen:

Coffee Maker

The coffee maker is something you might use everyday, so it’s not necessary to give it a deep clean each and every time you use it. But you do need to rinse out the parts each time, and really scrub it once a week or so. For a deep cleaning, run a vinegar-water mixture through the machine once per week. And you can fill your pot with water and baking soda to take away any bitter odors or flavors.



Cleaning your dishwasher can be super simple; just run an empty cycle with the highest setting engaged. If you still smell something funky, pour a vinegar solution into the next empty wash cycle to take care of it. As for the outside, keep it wiped down with a stainless steel cleaner, or just regular household cleaner, depending on the material.


Cleaning the microwave is super important to make sure bacteria doesn’t start growing in there. First things first: unplug your microwave before you clean it! Then, take out the turntable and wash it with regular dish detergent. Rinse and scrub the interior of the microwave with a towel that’s been doused in hot water. If you smell something persistant, you can leave a bowl with water and lemon juice in the microwave overnight and it should take care of any odors.


The refrigerator is perhaps the most important kitchen appliance to keep clean – and the most annoying at times! With so many shelves and places that food can get messy and smelly, you might find yourself putting off the task of cleaning the fridge. But do it regularly, and it won’t be such a pain – and you’ll avoid the risk of foodborne illnesses. Take out all your food and throw away anything old, then scrub all the shelves and interior with water and baking soda. Forget about any chemical cleaners because you don’t want these in contact with your food. Once in a while, you need to defrost your freezer as well to clean it out.