Cornwall – A Houseowner’s Dream

If you’re looking for a place to live or have a holiday home in the UK then look no further than Cornwall! A friend of mine was recently talking about the property for sale Cornwall he was looking at, it blew my mind by how reasonable it was and also the idea of living in Cornwall seems very appealing indeed.

So I got to doing my research and found that there are plenty of reasons to live in Cornwall. Here are some of the best reasons I found.

The Beaches

How can any list about Cornwall not start by mentioning the beaches. When the sun is out and beating down on the Cornish coast you can sometimes be forgiven for thinking that you’re in the Caribbean! My personal favourite is the sweeping white sandy beach of Porthcurno. Even when the sun hides away for the winter the beaches are still beautiful. In the winter months they become super dramatic, whilst it might not be the ideal time to don a bikini, it is very hard not to sit and watch the waves for hours on end.

Doing It Dreckly

The whole idea of moving to the coast is to escape the rat race and fast pace of city life – Cornwall is the ideal place for this! In Cornwall live moves a little slower than elsewhere, you don’t see people rushing around, but don’t worry because everything will always get done in the end. One thing you will notice is that people both walk and talk slower around there. The locals call it ‘doing it dreckly’ which basically means that things will get done when they’re done, or even I’ll be there when I’ll be there. However you look at doing it dreckly it is one of the best things about Cornwall.

The Village Life

When I lived in London and I strolled in to a pub on a wet Tuesday evening I could bet that no one knew my name, the opposite can be said in Cornwall. There’s something comforting about strolling into the pub alone and everyone knows your name. I remember a friend telling me that you can sneeze at one end of the village then by the time you’ve walked to the other end, the lovely old lady who runs the local shop will have a lemsip ready for you. Village life is great, you have a community, friends, good old gossips, neighbours and most of all a laid back atmosphere.