Dental Marketing – What You Need To Know

Let’s be honest, when people think of a trip to the dentist they don’t start instantly jumping for joy. In fact many people often move around in the hope of finding the perfect dentist for them. Finding a good dentist can be tricky.

The same can apply on the other side of the coin, dentists may find it hard to attract good patients and lots of them. Here are a few superb dental marketing ideas that will make it much easier for any potential patients to find your dental practice.

Local Facebook Ads

Of course you want to get the message out about the practice, but you need to make sure you focus on your target audience. You’re not going to want your ads to be visible to people that live over 50 miles away – if the practice is located in Central London and people in Canterbury are seeing the ad, well, that’s not going to help either side.

Local Facebook ads are a brilliant way for you to get the word out to your local audience. You can even use a new feature called the map card, this allows you to share essential info about the practice; your address, distance from them, opening hours and many more. You can even have a call to action button that can be clicked with something easy saying ‘make an appointment’ etc.

Facebook Demographic Targeting

It is absolutely amazing how Facebook allows businesses to do demographic targeting, and you should really be using this to your full advantage. Other than what’s clearly obvious, you’re able to target patients by their language, marital status, earnings, employment status and even interests. For example, it would be good to target women who live in the area and have just been out to buy clothes for young kids! You could be their child’s first dentist.

Remarketing Ads

This type of advertising is often known as ‘easy money.’ Remarketing ads make it possible for you to reach those who have visited your site or dental practice, you do this by creating specific ads aimed at turning those potentials in to patients on your book. One thing I think everyone should do is use the Customer Match which is on both Google Ads and Facebook, this way you’ll be able to collect email addresses. All you have to do is upload the collected addresses and produce an ad that will get the patients back in to the practice – a good technique would be to remind them about cleaning or teeth whitening.