Dental Marketing Made Easy

A recent survey showed that, on average, a dental practice needs over 20 brand new patients each month to make sure that its going and successful.

It often seems to me that dental practices are still employing traditional techniques, the truth is that in 2019 that just isn’t going to be good enough. Here are some figures for you:

– 97% use the internet to find local services

– 73% use the internet to learn about dental treatments

– 72% look at reviews online before choosing which doctor or dentist to go with

So it’s clear that dental practices need to be moving with the times, the old school methods just don’t work anymore. But fear not, we’ve put together some great proven marketing for dentists tips below.

Start A Blog

Do you have articles related to dental issues on your website? If you don’t, then I guarantee that you will be missing out on a huge amount of online traffic which could be potential new clients. Simple articles about what the best toothbrush is, how often you should go to the dentist and anything about teeth whitening, are the types of things you need. Patients are always researching online about solutions to loads of dental problems. In the last 2 years alone, the number of people searching for ‘best toothbrush’ has gone up over 100%. People are turning to the internet more and more to have their health issues answered, so make sure they’re heading to your blog.

Optimise Your Site and Blog For SEO

For those of you who don’t know, SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. So you need to find someone that can edit your site’s content & code, so that all search engines will understand it and therefore rank your site higher in the search result pages. Here’s what you need to be most successful:

– Site loads in less than 3 seconds

– Mobile-friendly

– A website that’s secured

– Images tagged correctly

– Dental schema on all of the pages

– As much quality content as you can possibly produce

– A big social media presence

– Loads of backlinks from high ranking websites

Produce Posts On Social Media That People Will Share

The main question I get asked is, what is shareable? Here’s a few big reasons why people feel inclined to share posts:

– To give content that entertains and is valuable – nearly 50% of people said that sharing gives them the chance to show others what they like to buy and also issues they care about, all in the hope it alters opinions or calls people to action

– To show who we are – 68% of people said they share to define themselves, to show people who they are and most of all what they are passionate about

– To tell the world about a cause or a brand – 84% of people said they share posts because they feel like they are supporting a cause they feel strongly about.