Chinese New Year Traditions

China is huge, we all know that, so traditions and celebrations vary depending on which region you are in. The most celebrated festival in the calendar is Chinese New Year. Whilst the country is very vast and the traditions different, here are some traditions that are followed during Chinese New Year regardless of where you are in the country. Check out this video to get a superb visual of Chinese New Year.

The Feast on New Year’s Eve

The meal that the family has on New Year’s Eve is the most important meal in the whole calendar. Usually it acts as a family reunion because the whole family, and extended family, will come together for the first and only time that year. It is traditional to eat fish and dumplings during the meal, both of these foods are send as being very lucky and prosperous for Chinese people.

Amazing Fireworks

This has to be my favourite tradition during Chinese New Year, no one in the world knows how to do fireworks as well as the Chinese at New Year! Fireworks are used because they are believed to drive out any bad spirits that may be in China. At exactly midnight the most amazing fireworks show you will ever see takes place, they are launched to celebrate the start of a New Year and to drive away all of those evil spirits! The person who launches the fireworks is the lucky one, this is because that person is then supposed to have very good luck in the New Year!

Cleaning your house

So festivals are about relaxation and coming together, but Chinese New Year is a very important time to clean your home. Cleaning your home means that you will sweep away any of the bad luck that is in your house from the year that has just been. The best thing is that in the first few days of the New Year cleaning is not done because if you do it you will sweep away all of  the good luck that has been brought in by the New Year.

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