Book Tour 2014 kicks off with Jonathan Meres

Here at Box of Chocolates we know that our readers love to be kept in the loop about the latest activities of our banks. Whilst a lot has been written in recent years about how some institutions have slipped up, we think it only right that we heap praise on banks that are giving something back to our local communities. In the past we have written about books and authors, well today we are here to tell you how an author is bringing a ray of sunshine to classrooms in Yorkshire. Scottish Friendly is making it possible for Jonathon Meres to visit over 1,500 students in the Yorkshire area. The book tour was started by Scottish Friendly back in 2013, it has slowly been making it’s way south ever since. Thousands of school children have come face to face with some of the United Kingdom’s best known authors. The idea is that the authors visit the school and read the books to the children, this will then hopefully ignite a fire that makes the kids more enthusiastic about reading and listening.

Jonathan Meres2

Jonathon Meres is best known for his award winning series ‘The World of Norm’ the latest entry being ‘The World of Norm: May Contain Nuts’. The main character Norm is ridiculously calamity prone, it is those calamities that form the the focal point of each book. He is very much looking forward to visiting the schools and meeting the children – he feels honoured to be allowed to kick off the 2014 book tour. Jonathon hadn’t always planned on being an author, when he left school he signed up for the merchant navy and that gave him the opportunity to travel around the world on numerous occasions. It is those experiences that gave him the time and ideas for this books. Interestingly enough, one of his previous jobs was as an ice cream van driver! He has certainly come along way since those days, he is now in the touring mobile travelling around Yorkshire. You will be able to keep up to date with the tour by following the videos, blogs and stories that will be on the Scottish Friendly website. There are also a number of competitions for children all around the UK to take part in, it’s a fantastic way for your children to have a fun time and learn as well.

Scottish Friendly has been giving back to local communities for some time now, the book tour has been a huge success so far. They have even brought authors to some of the smallest and most remote schools in Scotland. The Mutual Society is taking it’s corporate and social responsibility very seriously indeed, they are leading by example and a shining light in the finance sector at the moment. It is always easier to choose who to bank with when you know the work that they are doing for the local community.

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