Winter Working: Get Inspired

It’s that time again, we’ve been glued to the tv watching the Winter Olympics and all of a sudden it’s finished! When we’re watching such high octane sport we never ever want it to end, and why would we? With Team GB having a record games we all wanted the Olympics to go on for ever, we don’t usually have a huge amount to cheer about when it comes to sport so watching the Winter Olympics really was something special. I think it inspired a nation, there will be so many people now wanting to head out and try their hand at some of the sports they have seen on the television recently. It seems that winter sports are really taking a hold on the nation, there was even a reality television show with celebrities doing anything from the luge to ski jumping – did you ever think you would see something like that? Winter sports are here and they are here to stay.

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The kind people over at have created the perfect app for people that love skiing or skating. The app will allow people to find remote working spaces and offices that allow them to do their day job as normal but also give them the opportunity to go out skiing or skating in the afternoon – sounds perfect doesn’t it? I work remotely and will definitely be using the app, working hard during the day knowing that I can hit the ski slope afterwards is the perfect incentive to work as hard as possible.

The app will let the user upload locations of remote working spaces and local ski and skate locations, this will give you the opportunity to enjoy winter sports all year round. It has to be the one app that I am most excited about using this year. So even though the winter olympics has finished, it doesn’t mean that we have to forget all about winter sports. This amazing new app will allow us all to keep that Olympic buzz going and understand the sport more, so we’ll all be experts by the time the next games comes around.

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