What to Know When Buying Lingerie


Lingerie is one of those items that just makes you feel sexy, the moment you put it on, for no real reason. It’s a feeling that every woman deserves to feel; yet many women don’t give themselves the luxury of going out to buy that perfectly sexy lingerie to make them feel great about themselves. And why not? Here are some tips to help find that perfect lingerie to bring out your inner goddess:



Know your size


Just like with any other type of clothing, size matters with lingerie, so get familiar with your size so you can look and feel your best. If you go to a store like Victoria’s Secret, they can actually measure you there and help you pick out some garments that will fit you well. Or you can measure yourself at home with the help of a friend.


Know your style


Just because you’re lingerie shopping, doesn’t mean you have to slip into a style that’s not your own. If you want to channel a sexy vixen through skimpy black lace, by all means do it! But if your style is more sporty or casual, there are plenty of options to flatter you and make you feel comfortable. You’ll be sexiest when you’re being your true self anyway.


Know your body type


There are so many body types and knowing yours is a major step towards finding lingerie and clothing that flatters you. Do you want to highlight your curves, or accentuate your long, toned legs? If you’ve got a pear shaped body, you might want to consider a corset or bustier. Talk to the shop assistants to get their opinion on which styles would flatter your body type best.


Know your price range


It’s true: you can absolutely blow your budget on lingerie if you want to. Who knows why these tiny garments can cost an arm and a leg, but it can be really easy to rack up the costs when filling your lingerie wardrobe. Sexy plus lingerie babydolls can cost a lot more than you might think! Shop around a bit to get an idea of how much you should be spending on your pieces. But let yourself splurge on a piece or two if you really fall in love with them. You can’t really put a price on feeling truly sexy!


Know the occasion


What are you buying your lingerie for? Is it for a special birthday or anniversary? Do you want to surprise your partner, or are you buying it for you as a self-esteem booster? Think about the occasion for your lingerie shopping trip and it might help narrow down your choices. It can also help justify a splurge if you’re really feeling it!


Once you have bought the perfect lingerie you will never go wrong again, the feeling you have of buying something that is just right is awesome. When it comes to lingerie we want and need it to be perfect, so follow these essential tips and you will be just fine.




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