Staying Fit and Healthy in your 30’s

It’s important to stay in shape however old you are, but it can be more demanding and much less convenient than when you were a spry 20- something year old. Finding 5 days a week to hit the gym at 2 hours a pop is not likely to happen anymore for most of us. Good news though, Just because your older doesn’t mean staying in shape or getting in shape is impossible, or even difficult. In fact, many men peak in physicality after the age of 30. Here are the top things you can do in order to develop a healthy and strong body and mind.


Lean off the Poison- As we get older substances like tobacco, alcohol and junk food start to beat us down. When we where younger, rising and shining from a hangover was no problem. These days that’s not the case. So it’s time to start lowering your amounts of alcohol and tobacco. You’ve heard it before but tobacco is a leading cause of heart disease and alcohol can significantly increase your chances of heart disease and liver failure. Mass consumption of these two are a big no-no.

Get to Bed- The benefit of a good night sleep is often underestimated. With so many of us living busy and demanding lifestyles it is more important than ever to get a good nights rest. If you sleep less than 6 solid hours every night it will affect the way you make decisions, your stress and anxiety levels and your personal interaction skills. Make sure to get your rest. Seven to eight hours is ideal. Be careful not to get much more as this can also have the same effect as to little.

Take Your Vitamins- As we get older the body slowly slows down its immune system. Making sure you have a full intake of vitamins is important no matter how old you are. Men’s multivitamins are an easy way to get a full intake. They cost little and have an amazing effect on how your body will maintain the nutrients it needs.

More Fresh, Less Processed- A healthy diet is not a bad idea. It’s actually a great idea. Fresh foods will help you to be and feel more energetic, happier and stronger. While eating processed food will make you feel fatigued, weak and down. It doesn’t take much more time or money to cook with fresh ingredients. With busy lifestyles these days remember to have fruits, vegetables and nuts on hand if you need to have a snack on the run. A big part of eating improperly is being rushed. So make sure to preplan to eat a well cooked, fresh meal everyday.

Get Moving- Like I said before, finding time in a day to crank out a full workout is difficult. But if you’re following the steps above it won’t take a massive workout in order to keep fit and healthy. Do a 30 minute run, walk the dog. Play sports with your friends or kids. Clean your house, cook, or walk to the grocery store. These are all easy ways you can get your heart rate up and burn some calories. It’s good to set aside 2-3 days a week to do some more demanding exercise but if you do the minor things daily it will help greatly.

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