How to choose the right hearing aid for you

Choosing the right hearing aid is very important, it is a big decision choosing a device that can change your life. You need to make sure that you have considered all aspects of your purchase. Whether you are looking at traditional hearing aids or the more advanced invisible hearing aids. Here are some great pieces of advice on how to shop for and choose a hearing aid.itc_small_new

Take someone with you

It’s a great idea to bring a friend or relative with you. All experts recommend that you take a spouse, family member or friend to your examination. The reason being that two people will hear and remember more of what is said.

Talk to the provider

You must always remember that the value you will get from your hearing aid will depend heavily on the skills and abilities of your hearing health professional. Both audiologists and hearing instrument specialists are licensed to see hearing aids to people, but audiologists have a master’s or doctoral degree in audiology. There are large organisations that will help you to find a hearing professional and offer useful information.

Understand your needs

Many people who go to buy a hearing aid have had trouble with their hearing for many years. But most people will wait an average of five years before they choose to buy a hearing aid. The longer you put off buying a hearing aid, the worse the hearing loss will be and the more difficult it will be for your brain to adjust – it is important for you to act as soon as possible. You need to know what problems you have with hearing and why you want the hearing aid; do you need it to watch tv? Hear public speeches? Talking to friends? If you know what your priorities are then it will make it easier for the health professional to work out what  hearing aid is best for you.

Go for a hearing test

When you visit the professional, during your visit you should get a hearing test in a soundproof booth. This test will tell the specialist what type of hearing loss you have, this will then allow them to choose the appropriate hearing aid and then programme it for our needs. You should not buy online, the hearing aids are custom made, not every device will fit every person or solve their problems.

Try the device before the purchase

You should always request a demonstration of the recommended hearing aids before you make a decision. The specialist may be able to let you experience how the hearing aid works by letting you test it, this will give you an idea of what to expect after your purchase. Remember to not rush your decision, it is an important and expensive choice to make.

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