How to Get Compensation after Being Burned at Work

One of the most painful injuries that you can experience is a serious burn. After an accident like this, your finances may suffer, the cost of medical treatment and therapy can accumulate rapidly, and you may become depressed about when you can return to work and start earning money again to support your family. Filing for compensation is a way for you to continue living comfortably until you can get back on your feet and back to work. The amount of compensation and the speed with which you receive it will depend greatly upon the accuracy and timeliness of your claim submission. Working with solicitors who are well-trained in this area of the law can also expedite your claim. Let’s review some of the important points you should consider as you work toward bringing closure to your accident.


  1. Receiving compensation for burns received at your workplace involves a certain procedure that attests to the fact that you were injured, and provides the documentation to prove it. Your first goal will be to seek medical assistance and treatment so that your burn won’t become infected or leave scars that can alter your appearance. Ask for copies of all medical bills so that you can begin to keep a file of the expenses that you incurred as a result of the accident. Keep this information organised and in a safe place so that you can take it with you when you meet with your solicitors.
  2. Include as much information about the accident in your file as possible. Ask colleagues for their statements about your accident if they were present and saw it happen. You can elicit written statements from your supervisor as well, which should state the task that you were working on when you were burned. Include contact numbers, the time and date of the accident, and any procedures that were used in the workplace regarding your treatment and the completion of accident report documentation.
  3. Using the website,, as a source for valuable information you can begin to decide upon the criteria that you want to use to choose your team of solicitors. They must have experience with burn claims, be knowledgeable about the paperwork required for submitting a claim, and be dedicated to accuracy, integrity, and have a diligent work ethic. Have they been successful with other clients? Are they accessible when you have queries? Ask about their charges for services rendered, when you can expect to receive your compensation, and what you can do to make the claim process go smoothly.
  4. Establish a good working relationship with your solicitor so that there will be a smooth information exchange and no misunderstandings about any aspect of your claim. Put them in touch with the representatives at your company who handle claims so that the two parties can work together to get you the money you need to get your life back to normal. Keep in regular contact with your solicitor and follow-up with your employer to ascertain that all forms have been submitted on time and that your claim is progressing through the proper channels.

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