A Healthier and Happier Mouth

Teeth are an extremely important part of our lives, they form part of our appearance and are crucial for living a happy and healthy life, so it is certainly important to look after them as best as we can.

Tooth decay generally occurs when the enamel on our teeth becomes worn away and small holes form in our teeth and these will continue to decay if action isn’t taken to fill the tooth. This is mainly caused by plaque, a sticky deposit bacteria, that adheres to your teeth and produces acids that cause tooth enamel to wear.

This article will give you some quick tips to have the happiest and healthiest mouth possible.


  • Drink water – drinking an ample amount of water is good for your teeth because it cleanses your mouth and in many countries fluoride is added to the water, which strengthens teeth.
  • Eat and drink dairy products – Dairy products are rich in calcium which is good for your bones and teeth. These also have the added benefit of counteracting the acids produced by plaque and preventing decay.
  • Use mouth rinse or wash – Mouthwash or rinse comes in many forms, such as regular mouthwash, which is used to kill bacteria in the mouth. If you have weak or chalky teeth you can use a fluoride mouth rinse to help protect your teeth. These also help to improve your breath.
  • Clean your teeth – It is essential to brush your teeth at least twice a day, this will prevent tooth decay as well as improving your breath. Flossing is also important as the spaces in between your teeth are prone to decay.


  • Consume too much fruit juice – fruit juice is filled with sugar (despite it being the good sugar) and some juices are sweetened and this contributes to decay. Fruit juices are also quite acidic and this wears the enamel on your teeth.
  • Smoke – This affects your taste, appetite, makes your breath worse and stains your teeth.
  • Consume too much alcohol – Alcohol is acidic and dries out your mouth, making your teeth more vulnerable.

This list is intended as a guide and should be a supplement to visiting your dentist in Farnham or other area in order to give you the healthiest mouth possible.


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