How to Eat Healthfully When Dining Out

For anyone trying to eat a healthy diet or lose weight, eating out at a restaurant can be a total nightmare. There are way too many temptations on the menu, and it’s so easy to say “oh well okay, just this one time!” But did you know that your hamburger, cobb salad or club sandwich can pack 1000 calories or more? And with all the added salt and unhealthy fats in restaurant food, your meal may taste delicious but you’ll be paying the price afterwards with a sluggish mood and heavy belly. Eating the right food with less sugars in will also help you to protect your teach against decay and keep your gums healthy. This means that the next time you visit your dentist in Navan you will be praised for how great your teeth are looking – this of course also means that you have to make sure you brush well each day.

eating out

This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to dine healthy when out at a restaurant, though. It just takes a bit of knowledge and the commitment to stay healthy! You can easily choose items that won’t bust your waistline, or modify items on the menu so they’re better for you.

Skip the sauce

One of the biggest diet busters in many restaurant dishes is the sauce that your meal is cooked in. You might feel totally innocent ordering a nice piece of white fish, but as soon as it’s drowned in a creamy butter sauce, you’re looking at an extra meal’s worth of calories that you probably don’t want or need. So don’t be shy in asking the chef what sort of sauce is used to prepare your meal. They will often be happy to omit the sauce if you request it. And the same goes for salad dressing! Dressings to watch out for the most include ranch, blue cheese, thousand island and anything creamy. Order salad dressing on the side so you can control the portion. And also watch out for “fat free” salad dressings because these are loaded with sugar to make up for lost flavor. Your best bet for a salad is to order simple oil and vinegar on the side.

Order several sides as an entreee

Instead of ordering a massive entree that you won’t be able to finish but might try to, order a couple of sides for your meal. You’ll often have the option to order vegetables for one of your sides, so you have this plus something fun like fries or mashed potatoes. Also consider a cup of soup with a side salad as a meal. You can often save money this way as well!

Skip the bread

We all know about the bread basket situation. You get to the restaurant, you’re starving, and you can’t wait to order. The waiter comes and drops that luscious basket of steaming bread with butter, and before you know it you’ve wolfed down three pieces and reaching for more. This would be fine, if you weren’t already about to consume a restaurant meal that’s high in calories. Overall, it’s a prime situation for overeating. So skip the bread or ask your waiter politely to remove it from the table if it’s going to be too much of a temptation! Order a protein-filled appetizer instead to quell your cravings until your meal arrives.

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