4 Smart Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Here at Arden House Dental we believe that we should not only advise people on how to achieve a better level of dental health but also how to live a healthy lifestyle. Living such a lifestyle will help your body to maintain a good level of dental health.

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Health is such a broad topic that means many different things to people, but overall is generally accepted as something we need to maintain in our lives. So why is it often so hard to maintain the healthy habits we know we need for optimal living? It’s unfortunate but true that the busy details of daily life often overshadow the need to take care of our healthy habits. So if you’re in need of a quick reset, follow these healthy lifestyle tips to get back on track.


This habit, above all others, will help you get on track to a healthy and happy lifestyle. If you can just dedicate 10 minutes per day, preferably in the morning, to sitting and focusing on nothing but your breath, you will soon enjoy the benefits of a clearer mind and heightened state of awareness. You can find guided meditations to start out with or read books on the topic, or just dive in and see how it feels to sit in silence and breath for 10 minutes every morning.

Eat breakfast

Of course it is important to eat a healthy breakfast but the most important thing is just to eat something in the morning! Too many people skip breakfast either because they don’t have time to make or grab something, or because they want to save the calories from this meal. This is a bad idea though, because then the body goes into starvation mode. Because it hasn’t eaten in so many hours, it will then turn the next thing it consumes straight into fat. So start your day right with a healthy combo of protein, carbs and fat – think about scrambled eggs with whole-grain toast and some fruit on the side.

Lower your sugar intake

Sugar is something that we all crave at some points, but indulging this craving too often can leave you wiped out as your blood sugar crashes. Too much sugar in your diet can also lead to diabetes and heart problems. So try reducing sugar by cutting out sweets, pastries and other baked goods, along with processed carbs like white bread and pasta (these turn into sugar in the bloodstream just the same way that a piece of candy would!)

Go to bed earlier

You might balk at the idea of hitting the sack earlier; after all, when are you going to catch up on all your TV shows or do all those other things you do at night? But ask yourself: are these really habits that contribute to your health? Getting adequate sleep is absolutely vital to maintain good health. While you’re sleeping, your body rejuvenates its cells, which not only boosts your immunity but helps keep you looking younger. Deprive your body of sleep and you will be a walking zombie, vulnerable to sickness and start developing wrinkles. When you go to bed early, you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits of an early rise and that great energy of productivity in the morning! You can encourage your whole family to get in the habit of settling down earlier for the night, and you’ll notice everyone with better moods.


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