Teeth whitening for that Summer Occasion

Many of us are looking forward to those holidays, weddings and special events, so with lots of offers on teeth whitening treatments what better time to treat yourself to a pearly white smile for those memorable summer occasions.

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Whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments currently on the market with many dental practices now offering this. Whitening is a safe method; however it must be carried out by a dental professional for the best results.

Considering Whitening Treatment?

Research shows that a bright white smile is one of the most attractive physical features; it is also commonly associated with success and good health. Most people form an impression of others within seconds of meeting them, so first impressions are really important; if you have a glowing, bright smile, you will appear confident and friendly.

You can enjoy a whiter healthier looking smile without being a Hollywood star to have whitening treatment by visiting you local dentists you can look gorgeous and glamorous for those special summer occasions.

At Home whitening kits

Have you ever wanted a whiter smile, but never got round to having treatment because of busy dailt demands mean that you don’t have the time to visit your dental practice? If the answer is yes, At-home whitening could be the ideal solution for you if you are looking for a convenient and hassle-free whitening treatment; all you have to do is wear a custom-made whitening tray for a short period of time at home. Most people wear their whitening tray at night so that they can continue with their daily routine without any interference.

Natural at home teeth whitening methods

Not everyone can afford to have those teeth professionally whitened or keep going to their dentist to have regular whitening top ups as a result of this they are choosing to try out their own teeth whitening methods. Two of the most common natural teeth whitening methods currently being used are bicarbonate soda and strawberries. Rubbing strawberries against your teeth and brushing afterwards is a popular method used by Hollywood award-winning actress Catherine Zeta Jones.  If you are considering using the strawberry affect please be aware that this isn’t an overnight whitening fix as it can take several weeks until you start to notice a difference.

What are the risks?

This method does carry risks; however, they are minimal and professional whitening treatments are safe when they are done by trained dentists. The whitening agent used adheres to legal guidelines and side-effects are extremely rare. Whitening those teeth can sometimes cause an increase in sensitivity, but these symptoms tend to fade quite quickly.

If you are interested in teeth whitening treatments, Bancroft dentistry provide first class treatment from dental implants to hygienist appointments and invisible braces to teeth whitening in Hertfordshire.

To start you on the road to a sparkling smile arrange a free consultation by calling 01462 451167 or simply book online.


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