Sexy Gift Ideas For The Lady in Your Life

When the time comes to buy your lady a gift, be it for birthday, Christmas or simply just because, many men seem to avoid sexy gifts. In fact the issue is that many men believe that in using a gift which is a little bit racy, that their partner will think that they have bought it for their own pleasure, rather than that of their partner. The point of buying a gift such as this however, is that both parties are able to enjoy the gift. The best course of action is to buy a sexy gift, along with some other gifts, so that the present is not purely about the bedroom. If your lady has an occasion coming up, here are some sexy gift ideas which you should start thinking about.


For women, sex is about far more than simply penetration, and they generally focus on the experience on the whole, and allow their sense to run wild. In order to make your woman feel sexy, you should consider buying some lingerie or nightwear, which will do exactly that. Make sure that you have a check on similar clothing that she may own, as sizes can vary wildly with these types of garments. Avoid anything novelty if you can, and look instead for classy yet sexy items, which she will love.


A vibrator is a bold statement to make in terms a gift, so be sure that your partner is the type of person who will appreciate such as gift. There are a huge range of vibrators to choose from which can stimulate different areas of the vagina, using different materials and mechanisms. The idea of using a vibrator is to either add an extra layer of excitement when having sex with your partner, or to help her enjoy herself when you are not around. Don’t get hung up on whether or not you will be replaced by this product, almost all women say that regardless of the pleasure a vibrator can offer, they are no replacement for a man.

Sex Hotel

If you are really looking to give your lady a great gift, why not whisk her away to a sexy hotel for a night of pure passion. These hotels are springing up everywhere and they are classy, chic and boutique hotels, which are fully geared up for sexual activities. Many of the hotels will have themed rooms, for whatever you may be into, and they can provide a great opportunity for escapism for you and your partner. There may be things that you want to try out that you wouldn’t do at home, and the sex hotel provides the very best place to do so. Don’t think of these hotels as seedy, they are not the cheap motels that ‘sex hotels’ used to be, these days they are very stylish and designed to give guests the best time possible.

Don’t be afraid of a sexy gift, as long as you put some thought in, she will surely love it.