How to choose the colour of your braces

If you have been told that you will need to traditional metal braces for the next 12 -18 months you will be relieved to know that you no longer have to wear silver because there are several colours available to choose from.


With a number of colours to choose from you might need some help in choosing. Here is some information about coloured braces and which ones to choose.

Why are braces coloured?

Traditional braces known to many of us as metal train tracks are made up of brackets, archway, metal bands and elastics made of rubber to go around the bracket.

If you’re getting these braces then you may wish to lighten the mood by adding some colour to your mouth. There is good news if you don’t want to just stick to the one colour for the duration of wearing braces because the elastics are changed every four to six weeks which means you can switch colours every time you visit.

If you are looking for a more invisible look you might want to opt for Invisalign to keep your treatment anonymous.

What Colours should I choose or avoid?

The most Common colours of braces include shades of red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink and orange, as well as gray, silver, gold and black.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing those colours. Always check with your orthodontist before planning your look.

  • Darker colours such as gold, dark blue, turquoise, orange, green, violet or pink might be better suited to those with a darker skin tone
  • For lighter skin tones colours like light blue, bronze, darker purples or blues and subdued tones of red or pink are recommended.
  • Darker colours may also make your teeth look whiter.
  • Lighter colours might make your teeth look more yellow.
  • Make sure your chosen colours match or compliment your eyes.
  • R clothing colour for example if you wear a lot of pink it won’t go down to well with red brackets.
  • A popular option chosen by many teenagers is their school colours or the colors of their favourite sports team.
  • At Christmas why not go with red and green to help you get into the festive spirit
  • Glow in the dark bands are a fun option for getting into the spooky spirit of Halloween as they are clear in the light and glow in the dark.

Here are some colours you may wish to avoid:

  • Black elastics as these may hide any decaying teeth and it might also be difficult to spot hidden food in your teeth.
  • White may seem like a good choice because it can compliment what you wear, however white elastics can stain more easily and make your teeth look more yellow.
  • Green or brown elastics not may be mistaken for food in your teeth. Although Green can be a popular colour during the festive season.

Brilliant Dental Care in Wales offers removable or fixed braces because they believe that the modern braces which they fit offer you a high degree of flexibility so that your lifestyle isn’t compromised while they do their work.

If you haven’t selected an orthodontist in Wales yet, call Brilliant Dental to set up your first visit. The team will aim to make your dental an experience to smile about.


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