How to choose comfortable (and fashionable) shoes

When it comes to footwear, there’s always the challenge of striking the right balance between something fun and fashionable, and something that doesn’t kill your feet. You definitely want to take care of your feet and spend your days walking around in shoes that feel great, not ones that leave you with blisters and soreness! Forget about the old saying of “breaking your shoes in.” You can easily find shoes that will fit your feet like a glove from the get-go. Here are some tips:


Dress/professional shoes

When looking for shoes to wear to work, you want to look for something with a low heel: two inches or less. Anything higher will put pressure on the front of the foot, resulting in potential soreness. Make sure the sole and heel are made from shock-absorbing materials that also provide cushioning as you walk around during your busy workday. Wedge shoes are a good option because they distribute weight evenly, offering support to the entire foot.

Avoid synthetic materials

Although they are cheaper, don’t fall for buying synthetic materials for your feet. This especially applies to the insoles. Only buy shoes with real leather or suede insoles because the material is much more breathable and pliable than synthetic materials. This will prevent chafing and blistering, and the shoes will more easily mold to your feet. So make the investment in shoes made with high quality materials, and you’ll thank yourself later.

Athletic shoes

Finding comfortable athletic shoes can be a real challenge, especially with the massive variety of footwear available. First, have your foot evaluated to see what type of shoe you need. Always buy the type of shoe that fits your sport; for example, running shoes for running, and tennis shoes for tennis. Athletic shoes are specifically developed to meet the needs of different sports, to keep you comfortable and safe. When you try on the shoe, you should be able to fit one finger’s width between your toe and the end of the shoe (this is more than you would normally expect on other types of shoes.)

Keep an open mind when you go in to purchase an athletic shoe. With the technology available today, you might find that a new shoe has been developed that fits your needs perfectly. And athletic shoes are made more and more fashionable all the time. The shoes from Rycore brand indoor wear are made to be comfortable and fashionable so you can wear them anytime, anywhere. Make sure that any features on the shoe are functional, and not purely aesthetic. For example, if there is a window on the side of the shoe, it should have a purpose because otherwise it could compromise the shoe’s stability.

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