Healthy Tips for a Long Life

You already know how important it is to maintain your weight through diet and exercise, but these practices can also help to extend your life with many healthy years to enjoy. Practicing healthy habits benefits not only you, but your loved ones as you are able to live longer and enjoy all those moments in life you’d never want to miss. So follow some of our great tips for enjoying a long and healthy life.

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You might be surprised to find such a spiritual habit as meditation at the top of a health article. But the fact is, that meditation has been scientifically proven to help people relax, slow their heart rate and improve memory and overall cognitive functioning. It can help prevent memory loss, heart disease and so many other problems that can happen as we age. So try to incorporate a practice of at least 5-10 minutes in your daily ritual.

Take care of your teeth

Great dental care is paramount to a long and healthy life. After all, you can only eat healthy foods if you’ve got a healthy pair of teeth to chew them with! Be gentle when you brush, as brushing too hard or for too long can actually cause deterioration of the gums and enamel. And always be sure to visit your dentist regularly for check-ups.

Eat moderately

The people who live the longest are those who eat mindfully and in moderate amounts. Our bodies weren’t made to digest huge amounts of food at a time, and eating large meals can put stress on the digestive tract. You’re better off to eat more small meals per day, than 3 huge ones.

Go Mediterranean

Some of the people with the longest lifespans in the world live in Mediterranean regions, and a lot of this is due to their healthy diet. They eat plenty of healthy fats which are great for your brain and other organs and tissues. This diet includes olive oil, fish, nuts, seeds, veggies, butter and cheese, and moderate amounts of pasta and other meats. The idea is limiting processed foods, eating whole foods and getting plenty of mono and poly unsaturated fats.

Get moving!

The results are in and the answer is conclusive: people who move more, live longer. So it’s worth it to take the stairs over the elevator, or get 10 extra minutes of walking into your day when you can. Even if you don’t have time for a regular exercise regiment, it’s imperative to start incorporating movement into your day if you want to have a long and healthy life.

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