5 Healthy Habits for Weight Loss  

Have you ever been on that weight-loss yo-yo cycle? You know, the one where you work really hard at shedding a few pounds, totally restrict your diet and lifestyle, deal with feeling super grumpy and hungry… and finally lose those pounds, only to gain them back the second you let yourself eat a carbohydrate? Let’s be honest: this is no way to live an enjoyable life! So you want to look great and feel great – you can start the process by brightening your smile with cutting edge dental treatments , and exercising to start shedding those first few pounds. But why not incorporate some more healthy habits that aren’t a pain, and will help you achieve weight-loss for the long term? Read on to find out how you can lose weight without losing your mind.

Portion control

Especially if you love to eat out at restaurants, portion control can be one of your biggest enemies when it comes to weight loss. Often its difficult to determine what a reasonable portion size is, especially when dinner plates seem to be constantly expanding in size. Use smaller plates when you eat at home, and at restaurants you can ask the waiter to box half your meal before it arrives.

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Eat breakfast

You might logically think that skipping breakfast helps to cut calories from your day, but you probably don’t notice the sneaky ways those calories find their way back into your diet. When you skip breakfast, your blood sugar plummets and you find yourself ravenous by lunchtime. So stabilize your blood sugar levels by eating a balanced breakfast including complex carbs and protein, to avoid binging on junk food later in the day.

Eat veggies first

If you’re sitting down to your meal, you should see a plate with a portion of complex carbohydrates like whole grain pasta or rice, veggies, and a protein like meat, fish or tofu. Try to eat the vegetables first, as the fiber will fill you and you’ll be less likely to overeat on higher calorie foods. Also try eating a salad before your meal to fill your belly with veggies from the outset.

Stay hydrated

Many times when you feel like you’re hungry, you’re actually just dehydrated. Carry a water bottle around with you during the day so you always remember to stay hydrated. Make it a point to drink at least 8 glasses per day.

Slow down

When you rush through your meal, your plate will appear empty long before your belly signals to your brain that it’s full. This means that you might go back for seconds, when your body doesn’t really need it. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to realize that your stomach is full, so eat slowly and mindfully, and take breaks to let yourself digest before evaluating whether or not you’re still hungry.

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